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The treatments of diabetic nephropathy

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Diabetes kidney disease is a complication secondary to diabetes and it is one of leading causes of kidney failure. In early stage, if aggressive treatment can be used, the kidney disease can be reversed. The following is an overview of diabetes kidney disease treatment options.

Keep blood sugar level under control

Uncontrolled blood sugar is a dangerous risk in occurrence and progression of diabetes kidney disease. An intense control of blood sugar level can reduce strain on kidneys and delay renal function decline. In early stage, tight control of blood sugar even can reverse kidney damage.

Control blood pressure

High blood pressure can increase the stress on kidneys and is a major accelerator in worsening renal function. ACE inhibitors are first-line medications to lower blood pressure in Kidney Disease. It can delay the renal function decline and reduce proteinuria. In addition, it is effective in slowing the progression of diabetic retinopathy and the development of proliferative retinopathy. Some patients may need multiple kinds of blood pressure medicines like calcium channel blockers and beta-blockers and diuretics to control blood pressure.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a natural external therapy for diabetes kidney disease. It can dilate blood vessels and improve microcirculation in body. On one hand, it can reduce the incidence of diabetes complications like eye disease, foot disease etc. On the other hand, it can stimulate the self-regeneration of impaired kidney tissues to enhance renal function.


Immune system disorder is one of major causes of kidney damage in Diabetes. As the immune system fails to work normally, it attacks kidneys by mistakes, thus resulting in kidney damage. Immunotherapy can correct immune dysfunction and rebuild immune system as well as control the symptoms of diabetes kidney disease by restoring the impaired kidney damage.

Kidney replacement therapy

When kidneys fail to work, kidney replacement therapy will be prescribed to keep the patients alive including Dialysis and Kidney Transplant. Dialysis only works to remove wastes from body, but has no effect in improving renal function.

In kidney transplant, the diseased kidney is replaced with a healthy kidney. It can prolong their life span and a preferred option for the patients. However, for serious complications of Diabetes, the patients are at higher risk than non-diabetics.

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