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Treat Diabetic Nephropathy with More Effective Treatment

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This is a patient named OH SOLOMON which came form America, male, 53 years old. He was suffered form diabetes for 15 years. Intermittent polydipsia, polyphagia, polyuria have bothered him for so many years.

As a matter of fact, diabetes has become into a mainly reason for patients to have kidney disease. There is no doubt that after a long-term diabetes that his condition was reached into a situation which is hard to control. The kidneys were damaged serious due to that.

The test report showed that his protein 4+, occult blood-, BUN 8.0mmol/L, creatinine 445umol/L, uric acid 517umol/L. The diagnosis are: type 2 diabetes, diabetic nephropathy stage 5, renal anemia, renal hypertension, hyperuricemia and some other complications.

We can see that his creatinine level is 445umol/L. According to staging of kidney disease that his condition has reached into stage 3 kidney disease. The kidneys were damaged but not really serious. To be honest, patients in stage 3 kidney disease still have chance changeover the condition. This is the vital period for him to take the correct treatment.

Our hospital is devoted in treating for kidney disease with a more effective and less side effects way. Our characteristic treatments are aim at reducing side effects and treat kidney disease from the root.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Oral Chinese Medicine and other Chinese medicine therapies are the most effective treatment which are able to work for blood vessels to ensure kidney health.

After a period of treatment in our hospital that his condition was controlled well, not only about the diabetic nephropathy but also about the diabetes. High blood pressure and high blood sugar were controlled well now.

Any question,pls contact shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital online doctor.

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