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Self-Care Methods for Patients with Chronic Nephritis

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Self-Care Methods for Patients with Chronic Nephritis

1. Diets:

There are three main nutrients in food-protein, fat and carbohydrates. The main protein associated with kidney disease is protein. When kidney disease occurs, high protein load exacerbates glomerulosclerosis. Accelerate the decline of renal function. Theoretically, daily protein intake is about 60g. But it is not impossible to accurately calculate the amount of various foods, but is too cumbersome to carry out. General requirements: the number of general family meals, not overeating, stable and relatively constant. Make corresponding adjustment to check the albumin content and physical condition of blood regularly. General requirements: the number of general family meals, not overeating, stable and relatively constant, regular review of blood albumin content and physical conditions to adjust accordingly. Theoretically, daily salt intake is about 6g, General requirements: light taste, as far as possible do not eat salted food.

2. Self-protection against infection:

Self-Care Methods for Patients with Chronic Nephritis

The patient that has nephritis, when the body disease resistance ability declines, when occurrence various infection, nephritis can aggravation or acute activity. The most common part of infection is throat and respiratory tract, next is skin and so on. Therefore, prevent cold, eat less irritant food, pay attention to oral cleaning, keep the skin clean, sometimes damage the timely protection, prevent bacteria from invading.

3. Deal with the relationship between proper activity and overfatigue.

When suffering from nephritis, excessive activity will aggravate the condition, such as urine test changes will worsen, urine protein or hematuria increase, rest will be better or return to the original level. In principle, people with normal renal function should take part in some gentle recreational activities, but all kinds of adversarial sports, or sports with more physical exertion, are not so suitable.

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