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Can Hereditary Nephropathy Be Cured?

Read |Information source:SJZ kidney disease hospital|Published:2018-02-05

Can Hereditary Nephropathy Be Cured?

Nephropathy means kidney occurence disease, and this disease will cause very serious consequences, such as systemic edema, including limbs and whole body, serious will also cause blood pressure rising, which can cause very big influence to patient's life as well as work.

Can Hereditary Nephropathy Be Cured?

Hereditary nephropathy is likely to be cured, it is suggested that patients need to combine the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and can consider the use of Western medicine treatment, but need to see the actual situation of patients. Don't blindly increase the amount of medicine or other methods, follow the doctor's advice. In addition, it is suggested that patients should pay attention to the nutritional balance of their diet at ordinary times. They can eat more foods containing high quality proteins such as high fiber, high vitamins, low fat, low sugar, and so on.

In the treatment, it is recommended that patients through comprehensive treatment. It is can play a combination of treatment and prevention, and daily life should strengthen physical exercise, with regular examination.

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