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If take treamtent earlier, there will be more hope!

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“At first ,i didnt feel any discomfortable, later i did test again ,doctor said i got uremia, my creatinine increase to 800+ ,and about 3 months later ,my condition got serious sunddenly with some complications,what is the reason?” Patient Li asked this questions while hospitalized in Shijiazhaung Kidney Disease Hospital in China.

Now 36 years old patient Li, has been diagnosed with uremia for half year, there was no obvious symptoms even he is diagnosed with uremia,so patient Li dident pay attention on his disease , he thought that : since there is no disccomfortable feelings on my body ,maybe my disease is not serious ,i can wait and see what will happen.

3 months later , Li started to suffer from swelling ,heard to breath,no appetite,nausea,vomiting,etc. Then he went to hospital for check again,creatinine increase to 1300+,BP was very high,heart failue with high potassium, have to start dialysis immediately. He went to some hospitals and spent a lot of money , but can not get ideal effect,at that moment ,he realized that he could have taken treatment earlier!

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital here remind everyone: Patients can not take the body feeling as reference for treatment ,do not wait the disease grow serious sunddenly and lost the best time for treatment.

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Any other questions please send email to sjzkidneyhospital@outlook.com or call 008631189262600, our doctors very glad to give the timely guidence.

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