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How to treat renal cyst? Living habits is very important!

Read |Information source:SJZ kidney disease hospital|Published:2016-04-26


Renal cyst is a kind of relatively severe kidney disease, but at the first stage can not be noticed because of no obvious symptoms. Once diagnosed it should be treated by operation. With the popularization of inspection method recently, B ultrasound can test some small cysts. As to small type cyst only have a good rest and take regularly examination showing no relapse is enough. But for the severe renal cyst, by means of operative treatment, Change and adjust life habit is more important. So let’s learn about the life habit for renal cyst patients.

As to renal cyst patient, controlling the intake of protein is very important. High protein diet will aggravate the glomerular high filtration during the early stage of renal cyst. If patients have appeared mass protein urine,severe swelling and renal function insufficiency, they have to follow the principle that limit quantity and ensure quality when taking protein. In principle the intake of 0.8 gram per kilogram based on body weight per day is appropriate. Due to the vegetable protein is difficult to take use by human body, so it is best to take animal protein when eating protein food.

Furthermore, it is to pay attention to control blood sugar, which can be realized by usually low-sugar diet and control the amount of sugar intake, try to avoid sweets and high sugar fruits. Also it is can be achieved by some hypoglycemic drugs, but for end-stage renal cyst patients some ingredient of that drugs will increase the burden of kidney. So we can take insulin theropy instead.

Finally patients should concern the blood pressure controlling. Patients had better keep light or bland diet, avoiding alcohol and coffee and other revivers. In fact all the food or drugs causing blood pressure high should be avoided. If your body fat and used to eat foods in high fat and calories, you should pay attention to proper exercise to lose weight. This help enhance the body’s immunity and resistance. When necessary, you can take some hypertensive drugs to down level of blood pressure.

Do remember condition your mood. Avoiding mood ups and downs and maintaining a happy mood is beneficial to recovery any disease.


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