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How to Nurse Renal Insufficiency Patients?

Read |Information source:SJZ kidney disease hospital|Published:2015-05-01


For renal insufficiency patients, how to protect the remaining part of the renal function and prevent it from deteriorating?

First, reasonable intake of protein.

The metabolic products in human body mainly come from protein in daily diet. So, in order to reduce burden of residual kidney, the amount of proteins’ intake should be accordance with the ability of renal excretion.

For example, when serum creatinine is 170-440 umol/L,the intake of protein should be 0.6g/kg per day. For patients with much proteinuria, they can have extra 1.5g protein when lose 1g protein; when serum creatinine is over 440umol/L, the amount of protein intake should be reduced further, less than 30g per day. It must be emphasized that if the intake of protein is always being limited, then the side effects such as malnutrition and physical deterioration will appear.

Second, Energy must be supplied (at least 35 kilocalories/kg per day, such as sugar, fruit, sugar products, chocolate, jam, honey etc.) in order to make full use of protein intake, and to prevent it from converting to energy then being consumed.

Third, in order to reduce phosphorus content, some food like fish, meat and potato should be boiled before cooking. Pay attention to not eat these foods like egg yolks, dried meat floss, dairy products and bone marrow, due to their high phosphorus content. The storage of Phosphorus will deteriorate kidney further.

Fourth, salt-intake should depend on patients’ condition. If they have high blood pressure and swelling on body, then their salt-intake should be no more than 2g per day.

In addition, if you have high blood pressure, diabetes and infection, you should prevent them from damaging kidney.

Fifth, drugs expel from body through kidney like gentamicin, sulfa, anti-biotics, penicillin, indomethacin, acetaminophen and hormones, they have harmful effect on patients’ kidneys.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask our online doctors.

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