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1. Survey of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

It was founded in 1986 with 30 years’ history. and it is a kidney disease specialized hospital which is unique in China. The International Department which was set up in 2005 includes A B C and D inpatient department buidings . Our hospital has received more than 5000 patients with kidney disease from 148 countries all over the world . There are more than 450 open beds in our hospital.

2. featured treatment

Many advanced equipments and instruments in our hospital with function below: test for redox state index (SOD) , immune status index (lymphocyte subpopulation,immune ten,vD ), toxins index (blood fat, blood glucose, serum creatinine, uric acid , blood urea, inflammatory factor blood coagulation level etc)

a. Unique therapy for kidney disease : combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine with Chinese medicine being given priority to .

b. 4and7 natural therapy is applied to remove toxins in the blood , repair the function of renal cell and improve renal function.

4&7 refers to ”Four One” TCM +”Seven” TCM

Four “one” is

An oral Chinese medicine

A bottle of Maikang mixture

A dose of external application with Chinese medicine

A basin of foot bath medicine

c. explanations to the condition

d. Patient-oriented service pattern


Each patient with a doctor , a nurse, and an interpreter

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