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3 stages in the treatment of patients in our hospital

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There are 3 stages in the treatment of patients in our hospital

1.1-7 days: diagnosis, eliminate discomfort

Chronic kidney disease is more complex than other diseases

At the same time, the patient's discomfort (nausea, edema, palpitation, pain, etc) should be eliminated in the first week

 3 stages in the treatment of patients in our hospital

2.7-14 days: there must be improved information every day

This is a critical stage of the patient's condition, every day, must let the patient's index, symptoms get better. Generally, to the end of second weeks, the patient has been restored to an ideal state.

This is the reason why most patients are hospitalized for about two weeks.

3. 14-21 days: deal with special circumstances


There are a lot of refractory nephropathy, complex types, individual restless type nephropathy (diabetic nephropathy , FSGS nephropathy etc.) will give you some troubles. It is necessary to enter the third stage: we need 3 western medicine +3 Chinese medicine (national awareness) consultation, the expert of my courtyard, and the Empire expert Zheng Falei, Wang Zhigang, Zhang Youkang etc, will further study on the patient's condition, to ensure the better.

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