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Foot Bath Treatment with Chinese Medicine

Read |Information source:SJZ kidney disease hospital|Published:2015-04-25


Foot Bath Treatment

What is foot bath?

Use Chinese medicine to immerse the feet, through stimulating two acu-points in the feet to trigger the self-repairing function of renal cells in the kidney and remove toxins in the blood.


Make the medicine which helps expels the wind and cold pathogens and promotes blood circulation into medicine soup and use it to have a foot bath.


Take 2000ml of medicine soup, warm it up to 40 degree and use it to take a foot bath for about 40 minutes. The foot bath basin which has the massage function could bring about better effect for patients.

Treatment effect

1 alleviate the pain

2 improve sleeping

3 improve appetite

4 promote sweating

5 promote blood circulation

6 relieve itching

Dos and Don’ts

The water should be kept at 40 degree.

Patients with poor skin sensations should be taken good look at. (Especially for patients with diabetes)

Pregnant woman should not be applied with such treatment.

Patients with skin ulceration should not be applied with such treatment.

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