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  • Published:2016-04-03 |
    PKD kidney includes two types,one is autosome recessive genotype PKD(infantilism),with attack in infancy,rarely seen clinically.The other is autosome dominant genotype PKD(adult),commonly with attack ....【Read More】
  • Published:2015-05-17 |
    Mesenchymal stem cells is a kind of multipotent stem cells, which is founded originally from marrow. It attracts more and more attention due to its functions, such as multipotential differentiation, h....【Read More】
  • Published:2015-04-18 |
    Chinese Herbal Full Bath Therapy is a special treatment of traditional Chinese medicine external therapy. The medicines will act on the intramuscular spaces and acupoints. As a result, the meridians a....【Read More】
  • Published:2015-04-16 |
    Oral Chinese medicine is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine soup made of Chinese medicine herbs with activating blood and removing stasis, through oral taking way so as to eliminate toxins of sput....【Read More】
  • Published:2015-04-16 |
    Acute interstitial nephritis, also known as acute tubulointerstitial nephritis, is a group of clinical cases syndromes caused by many causes. It is characterized by occuring renal interstitial inflamm....【Read More】
  • Published:2015-04-16 |
    Chinese Herbal Cycle Therapy is based on the meridian syndrome differentiation theory, through Four Diagnostic Methods of TCM--look , listen , question and feel the pulse, as a whole dialectical analy....【Read More】
  • Published:2015-04-16 |
    Chinese Herbal Medicated Foot Bath is one of the special external-used Chinese medicine therapies. Based on the feet heat effects and medicine’s curative effects, the effective ingredients in medicin....【Read More】
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